About PACE

PACE stands for Purpose, Attitude, Commitment & Effort.  These are the only things you can control in life. And they happen to be massively important to achieving success. Those 4 words make up the foundation of what our business is built upon and will soon be the foundation of your personal results as well.

We invite you to join our team and learn how to radically optimize your athletic performance and channel the elite athlete that is within! Whether you’re active in your sport or just a general fitness enthusiast, we are the support system that is dedicated to helping you find your pace and unleash your inner-champion.

Justin Ochoa

Justin Ochoa is the Director of Strength & Conditioning and Co-Owner of PACE Fitness Academy. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Justin is excited to bring the PACE brand of training and coaching to the community.

With thousands of training hours logged working with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes to rehabilitation patients, Justin applies his “everyone is an athlete” philosophy to help each client reach their highest potential.

Coach Ochoa has been featured in industry leading educational resources such as:

– DrJohnRusin.com
– The Personal Trainer Development Center
– IDEA Fitness Journal
– SparkPeople
– AskMen & More!

Eric Allen

Eric Allen is a former NCAA All-American and NFL athlete who is now focused on passing the torch to today’s young athletes. With experience at the highest level of his sport, he is especially helpful in preparing individuals to reach their own personal best.

As the Director of Sports Performance and Co-Founder of PACE Fitness Academy, Eric meshes the valuables lessons learned from his playing career with the current methods and protocols of elite physical preparation to help everyone unleash their inner athlete.

Whether you’re active in sports or just enjoy pushing yourself to limits, Eric will coach you to achieve your desired results in a fun and effective way with measurable progress!