We are excited to be official partners with Kettlebell Kitchen, a performance-based meal prep & food brand!

Offering meals crafted by classically trained chefs, Kettlebell Kitchen is an easy & convenient way to clean up your nutrition, recover faster, work harder and have fresh meals delivered right to our gym for a convenient pick-up.

Now we feel completely confident that our clients and athletes have access to nutrition that can fuel the hardest working machine you know — your body!

Kettlebell Kitchen delivers FRESH – never frozen – meals to our gym on Mondays and Thursdays for pick-up. Each meal is designed to fit your goals and dietary preferences, bringing gourmet-style meals to the fitness world. The days of reheated dry chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli are over. Try out some of these flavor-packed, nutrient-rich, performance meals today!

You can even save $25 with the promo code PACEfit to get started below!