At PACE Fitness Academy, you don’t work for us… we work for YOU.

PACE stands for Purpose, Attitude, Commitment, Effort. These are the four foundational pillars of our business, our core values and what we believe are factors that everyone has full control over in their day-to-day lives.

Some may look at PACE as a training facility in the Indianapolis / Castleton area, but really that is just a small fraction of what we do. We have an entire community of trainers, coaches & clients who are connected as one, working toward the similar goal of getting 1% better every day. Together, we mentor, we coach, we listen, we advise, we connect, we grow, we learn, we persevere, we problem-solve, we support, we laugh… we change lives.

Our Mission

Our current mission to to continue to grow this community by strategically adding key personnel & staff that share our same vision when it comes to the health, fitness and sports performance space.

If you are a personal trainer, strength coach, sport-specific skills trainer or group fitness instructor, we would love to meet you!

The Basics

We love where we work and who we work with. Here are some basic features that we offer to our community of trainers & practitioners.

Take control of your own schedule and work the hours that maximize your time.
Utilize cutting-edge fitness equipment & technology to get your clients the best results.
We offer the best rental rates and commission scales in the industry.
You keep YOUR money.
24/7/365 facility access with high-definition surveillance and security.
Join our community and build your business with the power of networking.
Gain access to our educational resources, events, clinics & more.

PACE has 3,200 square feet of open-use floor space. We have 15 yards of indoor turf, a fully stocked performance-style weight room and two restrooms with individual showers & basic hygiene products available.

Our weight room equipment includes 3 heavy duty squat racks, 3 barbells and multiple specialty bars such as Trap Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Tsunami Bar, EZ Bar and more.

We also stock dumbbells in 5-pound increments from 5 to 100 and PowerBlock dumbbells in 12.5-pound increments from 12.5 to 120.

We utilize a pneumatic cable system with real-time bluetooth weight adjustment buttons in the handles and a display screen, performance technology such as PUSH velocity trackers and workout hosting apps like TeamBuildr.

On the turf side of the gym we have sleds, hurdles, tires, ropes, VertiMax, bands, Medicine Balls and a huge parking lot for free use right outside our back door.

Lastly, the gym is located at 6091 E. 82nd St. which is within less than 1 mile from both I-465 and I-69 for extremely easy travel and accessibility.

Let us help you take your career to the next level!


Personal Trainer, Contractor

Strength Coach, Contractor

Group Fitness Instructor, Contractor or Commission

Sport-Specific Skills Trainer

Send us a brief message and your resume to get the process started!