Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training is the backbone of PACE Fitness Academy and delivers the most efficient results of any program we offer. Semi-Private Personal Training is offered in small groups of up to 6 clients at a time all working on a customized and personalized program that is tailored to the client and their specific goals. This is NOT a group workout where everyone is doing the same thing like a boot camp or a group fitness class.

This is an environment where you individually train alongside peers and develop a friendship, camaraderie and community culture with those training around you. You receive personal coaching and programming in this setting while still reaping the benefits of training in a team setting. As an added bonus, you get to save some cash at a much lower price point.

Team Performance & Skill Training

PACE has successfully worked with teams within our local community building trust and relationships with coaches and players since 2017.  Through culture and proven performance training we can help your team step up their performance prior to, during or after the season to give the team the best shot at being on top when the dust all settles! Please reach out to us at info@pacefitnessacademy for more information.

PACE Defensive Back Academy & Camps

PACE Defensive Back Academy is the learning ground for all things DB related. You will learn everything from stance to start, all the way down to all coverage concepts. It will take your full dedication in order to learn and apply the techniques which you will learn. Eric Allen, former NCAA All-American & NFL defensive back, will guide you through the off season teaching you everything you will possibly need to know to be a “Shut Down” Defender!  Contact Eric at for more information and scheduling.

PACE Basketball Development

We offer a full-service basketball development program. Allow us to handle every aspect of your basketball development – from the weight room to the court & every detail in-between. Coach Justin Ochoa has become one of the most sought-after basketball development coaches in the industry, working with WNBA, NBA, NCAA and International pros on their speed, strength, skill and more. Contact Justin at for more information and scheduling.

Speed Development Workshops

Stay tuned to our social media pages for our Strictly Speed Workshops! You won’t want to miss this series of workshops coming to you in 2023 or sooner.

Private Training

If you’re looking for private training please fill out a contact form or contact us at, let us know exactly what you are looking for and one of our coaches will contact you.