If you’re in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Broad Ripple or surrounding areas looking for athletic performance training, weight loss coaching or general fitness training you’ve come to the right place!

Below is a list of the training services that we provide.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Semi-Private Personal Training is the backbone of PACE Fitness Academy and delivers the most efficient results of any program we offer.

Semi-Private Personal Training is offered in small groups of up to 4 clients at a time all working on a customized and personalized program that is tailored to the client and their specific goals. This is NOT a group workout where everyone is doing the same thing like a boot camp or a group fitness class.

This is an environment where you individually train alongside peers and develop a friendship, camaraderie and community culture with those training around you. You receive personal coaching and programming in this setting while still reaping the benefits of training in a team setting. As an added bonus, you get to save some cash at a much lower price point.

The training process always begins with a complementary initial assessment to identify any kinetic dysfunctions, discover exercise/injury history and get a baseline of data to use for building the perfect program for each athlete.

Each individual’s training program is customized based on the assessment and  hosted in our smartphone app, which gives both the athlete and coach instant feedback and progress reporting for maximal results.

All semi-private training sessions are 60 minutes long. Sessions are available for as low as $27.50. Please contact us today to set up your assessment and go over pricing options that would best fit you!

Private Personal Training

Our 1-on-1 private training is coached in 1:1 athlete to coach ratio that also begins with an initial assessment and program design. Private training is a great option for training prospects who enjoy more one-on-one attention, need a little bit more of a private setting or simply feel more comfortable training this way.

As always, we begin the process with a very robust assessment to uncover any underlying movement issues, injury history, discuss goals and set collect some baseline performance numbers to allow clean progress showcasing.

Once the assessment is complete and the program is hosted in our smartphone app, the client and coach begin the road to accomplishing goals and setting new ones as you go!

All private personal training sessions are 60 minutes in length, available for as low as $75 per session.

Group Training

We offer large group training services that include:

  • Millennial Training Club – A strength-based adult boot camp class for up to 10 people, specifically designed for the young adult strapped for cash and time.
  • Lunch Break Bootcamp – An upbeat mix of strength training and conditioning placed right in the middle of your work day to help you re-charge and power through the rest of the day strong!
  • Cycling – Power-based competitive cycling classes guided by Rollfast Cycling Club. *Riders must bring their own bike.

In addition to these classes, we’re constantly adding other options to give our clients the greatest fitness experience possible.

Large group classes are a phenomenal way to get affordable and impactful training that is just as effective as it is fun! All specialty group classes begin at $20 per class, or may be purchased in a 10-pack for $150.


PACE Clinics are small, specialized programs that we run strategically throughout the year. These are often very niche training groups that offer all of the same features that have been mentioned above, but with a more confined focus.

Some examples of our clinics include:

  • PACE Preps: Man-Up Series – A weekly hands-on clinic for football players looking to take their game to the next level. Each clinic features 30 minutes of speed work, 30 minutes of in-depth position-specific technique enhancement and 60 minutes of live 1:1 action!
  • Defensive Back Attack: Offered twice a week, this is a one hour workshop specifically tailored to Defensive Backs from middle school to professional level. Each week a new focus, technique and game-time application is covered by Coach Eric Allen.
  • PACE Pro Recovery – Train like a PRO. Play like a PRO. Recover like a PRO. The PACE PRO Recovery Program is aimed at those who want the advantage of recovering faster to truly make each training session count to its fullest.

Just like our group classes and bootcamps, we’re always trying new ways to help out athletes develop so check back frequently to see new additions to the schedule! All specialty clinics & workshops are priced at $20 per session.